4/13/20: Wisper available for free viewing at Tubi TV!

4/7/20: Collar available for viewing at Shortz TV!

3/18/20: Wisper available for purchase at Amazon!

1/1/20: Occupants available for free viewing at Tubi TV!

5/2/17: Occupants available for purchase at Amazon!

8/5/16: Occupants Domestic and International Distribution with ITN Distribution!

11/25/15: Restoration of Paradise TV Release at It's Relevant TV Distribution!

11/28/14: P.J. CD Release at Kronos Records!

2/14/14: The Legends of Nethiah Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray 3D Release in Germany, available at Amazon Germany!

11/25/13: The Legends of Nethiah United Kingdom DVD Release!

9/4/13: The Legends of Nethiah Japan DVD Release!

4/9/13: The Legends of Nethiah Video-on-Demand Release available at various cable networks including AT&T U-Verse and Charter!

2/13/13: The Legends of Nethiah Domestic DVD Release available at Indican Pictures, Amazon, Best Buy, Netflix, Verizon, and Walmart!

1/30-2/26/12: P.J. and Chasing the Green Syndication for AMGTV customers!

5/217/20/10: P.J. Video-on-Demand debut for Avail-TVN Cable Network customers!

7/14/09: Chasing the Green Domestic DVD at Amazon.com, Hastings, Jaman, and Netflix!

2/10/09: P.J. Domestic DVD at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Blockbuster, Hastings, Netflix, and Publishers Clearing House!